- Shout Out and thanks -

This is a list of people, groups or organisations that have helped or supported us in getting to where we are now.
From all of us at the Happy Toes Project we would like to send out gratitude and appreciation to all mentioned here..
Thanks you! Without you this project wouldn't have happened.

If you have contributed in any way and you're not mentioned here please do
let us know.

If you are not on the list, you can get involved

Funded or Sponsored

Volunteers & Wwoofers
Mathew Murry - Johannesburg
Tom Glen - Cape Town
Jason Fletcher - Johannesburg
Theo du Plessis - Knysna
Louis Balian - Australia

Cecile Price
Mazz Moriarty
Lee & Alex
The Mayers
All the Chemelion people at Riversands Farm
Dave Smith
Leanne Kox

Additional support & services
Jason Moriarty
Charmayne & Piet

Villagers and Community
Santa & Egbert -
Groot Marico Info Centre
Jaques & Louise -
Riverstill Guest Farm
Grant & Theresa - Sound Insight
Colin & Maggie
Steven Koen