Volunteer or Wwoof :  
There's no better way to learn than to be actively involved in the processes
so come help out on the farm and learn at the same time.
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Download the Volunteer application form,
then email it to

Sponsor or Fund :  
We have several smaller projects running on the farm, focused on specific tasks, skills or causes that we feel are meaningful to the HT ethos. Have a look through our various
projects to see where you can get involved!

Donate :
If you would like to help out you could donate, whether it's a tree to be planted (come to one of our Tree planting Days, select a spot, plant your tree and even name it if you like then come back in a few years to see how it has grown), donate us a prefab wooden cabin to be used as accommodation for students, guests and of course a place for you to get away to, or contribute to one of our fund raising initiatives.  Or donate us your unwanted stuff. We find uses for stuff people normally throw away. We love Recycling and reusing
. Many people have stuff that they have no use for, but might feel it’s too useful to go in the landfill - so it hangs in limbo gathering dust and clogging up your life. If we can use it, we will gladly take it off your hands and un-clutter that garage or store room and put it to good use at HT farm.

Fun Days :
Tree Planting Days
Recycled Playshops – get creative and find innovative uses for plastic drinks bottles or learn to make Mosaics from waste tiles, mirrors, glass and ceramic pieces.