Happy Toes is a small Permaculture farm situated in the North West Province of South Africa. Only 2 hours drive from Johannesburg, it is nestled in a beautiful, sunny location.

We are dedicated and excited to be researching, implementing, learning about and teaching on all kinds of sustainable lifestyle practices

We are proud to work with nature promoting a low carbon footprint and recycling of sustainable natural resources.  We promote a simple, natural, "off grid" lifestyle.  In working with nature, we rebuild fertility in the land, making our soil richer, healthier and providing our plants with the stability they need.  This also leads to a rich diversity in our environment. This diversity produces delicious, nutritious food packed full of all the nutrients we need and makes us both healthy and happy!  Above all, we aim to create a lifestyle that is worth living.  A lifestyle that cares for the earth.  A lifestyle that cares for the people on this earth
. Through sharing our passion and knowledge we aim to build community interactions and encourage others to look at sustainable living options.

We design with a whole systems approach, taking into consideration everything that lives and linking all these ‘ecological’ elements together so that they all support each other.
Aiming to create symbiotic relationships between plant systems, animal systems and water systems - these systems support soil and fertility building and through the created abundance and diversity, they will create a stable “human friendly” environment
Community Projects:
One of our main aims is to help our surrounding communities out. There are many locals living on next to nothing each day and work around here is scarce, with salaries low so there are many hungry people.  We do our utmost to teach and are happy to help these people build gardens and learn how to grow healthy nutritious food in a sustainable and relatively easy way.

We have already started with gardens at the local pre-school and will progress from there as we roll out and share with more of the local communities.

Building, Recycling and ‘Upcycled’ Projects:
On Happy Toes farm we build using natural materials sourced from our surrounding areas, along with using secondhand or recycled materials where ever we can. We believe that manufacturing new goods unnecessarily is taxing on the planet - especially when there is already so much useful stuff that people candidly throw away, which has already gone through many manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes

Some of the projects and areas of interest that we are passionate about are:

Sustainable Whole Systems Design

Edible Landscape Gardens
Food Forest
Plant interactions, Families and Guilds

Aquaponics & Aquacultuture

Animal Integration and Rotation Systems
Holistic Farm Management

Water Management
Grey Water Implementation & Design

Composting Toilets
Vermiculture & Effective Microorganisms

Bee keeping

Natural Building Techniques
Sand Bag Building
Thin shell Ferro
Passive Solar Design

Alternate “Green” Energy, Power and Heating

Recycling, ‘Upcycling’ & Reusing

We run courses on all of the above topics at various stages through out the year. If you are interested in any of the above topics please
email us - we run short workshops and detailed courses ranging from 1 day to 2 weeks in length, depending on the topic and level of expertise required.

We also host
volunteers so if you're sick and tired of the hustle and bustle, and want to get away or learn and share then come play at Happy Toes farm.